I have started a fundraiser to help people with cancer who have pets. 

Some people are lucky enough to receive their cancer treatments minutes from home.  Others have to travel sometimes great distances.  Some are elderly or just don't have the friends and family network close enough to them to be able to help. 

Most cancer patients are completely tapped for funds for anything extra.  The incomes are dwindling and the bills remain the same or increase, even after they have cut corners by doing without things they used to enjoy.

As the person becomes less active the family pet reassures their owner that no one could care for them more.  The pet gives comfort, companionship and of course unconditional love.  When the owner must travel for treatment, it's not likely the pet will go along.  The better option is to board them, if no one is available to look in on them a few times a day and feed them.  The costs for boarding are high when you are on a limited budget.  What happens to these pets?  Are they relinquished to a shelter? 

The pet may not understand that the separation is temporary, but the cancer patient goes on to the treatment knowing that when they return the same loving eyes will meet them.  Imagine having to leave for several days for treatment knowing your companion was going to be euthanized, merely because you couldn't find someone to care for them, sometimes on very short notice. 

What I hope this fund raiser will do is help defray the costs of boarding for those in that situation.  There would be a short form to fill out and then the money would be transferred to the facility where the pet was to cared for.  These are not long term solutions.  This is meant to be used for last minute, emergency, short term funding.  At this time the donations are not tax deductible but I hope in the future to become a non profit or team with one. 

Every little bit helps!  I have taken steps to ensure every penny will be accounted for at any given time.  Please give generously. 

You have done a lot of research while writing your book.  You are no stranger to the grueling task.  So now you have published and the book needs exposure.  Back to researching!

Promoting your book is the most important thing at the time you  publish and ever after.  It is a never ending process as long as you want sales.  Number one piece of advice is to find your target audience!  Don't be the annoying person in the grocery store who flashes around pictures of their kids/dogs to a bunch of people who could care less.

You might want to start with googling a book similar to yours that is doing well and see where it is promoted.   Ask yourself why they chose these sites.  If you have a fantasy book, chances are you wouldn't want to advertise on a site for nutritional health.  Many resources are to be found just by spending a little time surfing.
I have found that just researching words such as 'erotic fiction reviews' have uncovered resources to contact.

It is time consuming, boring, and not always fruitful sometimes.  The worse part of it is you may never know even when you get a sale, that any particular website was instrumental in helping to get that sale. 

Work on your blurb as well.  Nothing kills a book faster than a boring blurb.  You are a writer!  You can write a blurb that will entice the reader to want to find out more about your book.  It should give enough information and be several sentences long without revealing the whole book.  Leave a question in their mind, or a hint at a situation in the book.  What was it about the last blurb you read that made you want to read the book?

When you google your name or book title every instance should have something in common.  Become part of online communities dealing with your subject matter and post often, don't pass up a chance to bring up your writing.  Enter contests for book covers!  I know of more than one where a book cover has made me want to read a book. 

The bottom line is, unless you are lucky enough to have a promoter, it is part of the job.  You won't sell a book without letting people know about it.  The more exposure you have the better.  The same goes for which sites you do interviews and blog tours.  Be smart about your choices.  

There are so many fabulous books to read!  I enjoy books from several genres and the time I need to read everything I want is not available to me.  Most of us are in the same position.  If we are lucky enough to have full time jobs, and a household full of people to feed, do laundry for, and run those kids to soccer practice, then that leaves little time to read, or write for that matter.

I am finding that if I don't take time to pursue the things I like to do, I will lose myself.  It's very important that doesn't happen.  Sometimes you have to take a step back and draw in a breath.  Reading and/or writing is a stress reliever for me.  I have to make time for it.  The other solution I have been looking into is Reki.

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing.  It's also something else to work into your busy schedule, but I'm willing to make time for this because of the value of the benefits.  Learning it will take up the time.  I appears that once you learn it, you can even use it on yourself.  The video I watched only took minutes to perform a self healing.

The important thing is that we take time to do something for ourselves.  It's not selfish, it makes sense.  My biggest problem is that my work schedule is sporadic.  Structure is VERY important in retaining your sanity.  From the time you are born structure plays an important part in your life.  The calmest babies are ones that get feed at a certain time and sleep at a certain time.  Routines, as boring as that might seem, are important.  That doesn't mean you can vary things once in awhile, but knowing what comes next keeps you centered.  It's nearly impossible to plan every minute of every day, but having a plan is just as important.

I planned to do a blog every day, and it wasn't happening.  Now I named it Yezall's Occasional Blog and the relief was instant.  When I have something to say, you'll hear it.  In the meantime I hope you read the free stories here or catch the interviews of the great authors featured.  Don't forget to check out the Build your Vocabulary section!  If you do have time to read, please think about one of my books in the Books