I have started a fundraiser to help people with cancer who have pets. 

Some people are lucky enough to receive their cancer treatments minutes from home.  Others have to travel sometimes great distances.  Some are elderly or just don't have the friends and family network close enough to them to be able to help. 

Most cancer patients are completely tapped for funds for anything extra.  The incomes are dwindling and the bills remain the same or increase, even after they have cut corners by doing without things they used to enjoy.

As the person becomes less active the family pet reassures their owner that no one could care for them more.  The pet gives comfort, companionship and of course unconditional love.  When the owner must travel for treatment, it's not likely the pet will go along.  The better option is to board them, if no one is available to look in on them a few times a day and feed them.  The costs for boarding are high when you are on a limited budget.  What happens to these pets?  Are they relinquished to a shelter? 

The pet may not understand that the separation is temporary, but the cancer patient goes on to the treatment knowing that when they return the same loving eyes will meet them.  Imagine having to leave for several days for treatment knowing your companion was going to be euthanized, merely because you couldn't find someone to care for them, sometimes on very short notice. 

What I hope this fund raiser will do is help defray the costs of boarding for those in that situation.  There would be a short form to fill out and then the money would be transferred to the facility where the pet was to cared for.  These are not long term solutions.  This is meant to be used for last minute, emergency, short term funding.  At this time the donations are not tax deductible but I hope in the future to become a non profit or team with one. 

Every little bit helps!  I have taken steps to ensure every penny will be accounted for at any given time.  Please give generously. 


05/16/2013 8:14am

I'm at work will donate later!!!

Yezall Strongheart
05/16/2013 8:24am

Thanks JoAnn! I'm hoping this really takes off so many people are effected!


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