There are so many fabulous books to read!  I enjoy books from several genres and the time I need to read everything I want is not available to me.  Most of us are in the same position.  If we are lucky enough to have full time jobs, and a household full of people to feed, do laundry for, and run those kids to soccer practice, then that leaves little time to read, or write for that matter.

I am finding that if I don't take time to pursue the things I like to do, I will lose myself.  It's very important that doesn't happen.  Sometimes you have to take a step back and draw in a breath.  Reading and/or writing is a stress reliever for me.  I have to make time for it.  The other solution I have been looking into is Reki.

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing.  It's also something else to work into your busy schedule, but I'm willing to make time for this because of the value of the benefits.  Learning it will take up the time.  I appears that once you learn it, you can even use it on yourself.  The video I watched only took minutes to perform a self healing.

The important thing is that we take time to do something for ourselves.  It's not selfish, it makes sense.  My biggest problem is that my work schedule is sporadic.  Structure is VERY important in retaining your sanity.  From the time you are born structure plays an important part in your life.  The calmest babies are ones that get feed at a certain time and sleep at a certain time.  Routines, as boring as that might seem, are important.  That doesn't mean you can vary things once in awhile, but knowing what comes next keeps you centered.  It's nearly impossible to plan every minute of every day, but having a plan is just as important.

I planned to do a blog every day, and it wasn't happening.  Now I named it Yezall's Occasional Blog and the relief was instant.  When I have something to say, you'll hear it.  In the meantime I hope you read the free stories here or catch the interviews of the great authors featured.  Don't forget to check out the Build your Vocabulary section!  If you do have time to read, please think about one of my books in the Books

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