You have done a lot of research while writing your book.  You are no stranger to the grueling task.  So now you have published and the book needs exposure.  Back to researching!

Promoting your book is the most important thing at the time you  publish and ever after.  It is a never ending process as long as you want sales.  Number one piece of advice is to find your target audience!  Don't be the annoying person in the grocery store who flashes around pictures of their kids/dogs to a bunch of people who could care less.

You might want to start with googling a book similar to yours that is doing well and see where it is promoted.   Ask yourself why they chose these sites.  If you have a fantasy book, chances are you wouldn't want to advertise on a site for nutritional health.  Many resources are to be found just by spending a little time surfing.
I have found that just researching words such as 'erotic fiction reviews' have uncovered resources to contact.

It is time consuming, boring, and not always fruitful sometimes.  The worse part of it is you may never know even when you get a sale, that any particular website was instrumental in helping to get that sale. 

Work on your blurb as well.  Nothing kills a book faster than a boring blurb.  You are a writer!  You can write a blurb that will entice the reader to want to find out more about your book.  It should give enough information and be several sentences long without revealing the whole book.  Leave a question in their mind, or a hint at a situation in the book.  What was it about the last blurb you read that made you want to read the book?

When you google your name or book title every instance should have something in common.  Become part of online communities dealing with your subject matter and post often, don't pass up a chance to bring up your writing.  Enter contests for book covers!  I know of more than one where a book cover has made me want to read a book. 

The bottom line is, unless you are lucky enough to have a promoter, it is part of the job.  You won't sell a book without letting people know about it.  The more exposure you have the better.  The same goes for which sites you do interviews and blog tours.  Be smart about your choices.  

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