I was going to talk about each one of my books to start out my blogs, but I was distracted.  It happens to the best of us.  I began to mull over the complaint of many an Indie writer. 

Over the last few days I have seen my fellow authors post about bad reviews or bad comments, returns, or worse of all no sales.  It breaks my heart.  I,too, have had the same problems.   What I'd like to do is put this all into perspective.

In all honesty, when was the last time you bought something at a store for .99 cents, brought home, used it, then said, "Ya know, it's not everything I thought it would be, I'm returning this." ?  That's right, never.  Or if you said "Hmmm, just last week."  then you have more serious problems and can stop reading this now.  

Yet in their defense, they have every right to expect that the writer has done everything in their power to use the correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation.  In addition, they have to make sure their characters are realistic and their story is engaging.  Oh and please!, give them more than ten pages, they are paying .99 cents for it, for crying out loud!

Here's the catch...you have to do this all on your own. So spend every extra minute you have, after working all day, possibly take care of a few kids, other life necessities, to write your masterpiece.  You may have to stay up late, miss that party, or possibly alienate a friend. Okay, you are allowed to ask family and friends to edit for you, so try not to alienate them...

Now after the hours you put into writing, you also have to publish.  Pity the reader, they have no idea the different formats you have to adhere to from publisher to publisher.  (Which is why we all mostly stick with the  free easy one.)   Don't forget the cover!   Some of us are paying for cover art, others can't afford to.  We have to make do with what is available for free and hope to manipulate it into something eye-catching.  Hopefully we have a program to add the title and our name.  

You finally press the button to publish and then you wait.  You wait with almost the same anticipation as the birth of a child.   It's arrived and you announce it to the world!!!  After all the labor and time you have put into it, you still only ask .99 cents for it because you are an unknown author.  You're saying, "Please take a chance on me!"

You have done all you can...and you wait...for reviews, for sales, for some one to take notice...maybe do an interview on a blog.  Exciting stuff!! 

But, here's where it gets stupid, there will be the fraction of people who like to poo on your parade.   They don't give constructive reviews.  Their point seems to be to show how they know so much more than the writer about writing.  Which turns it into more of a bad comment, even complaining a short story was too short!  They read and return, that to me is criminal for a .99 cent book.  (Author note:  I have a "How to" book that is $7.99 and after they know "How to" they return it,  I also find  that criminal.)  However, it's perfectly legal...

Bless the reviewer who is constructive and intelligent, good or bad.  I say again, BLESS THE INTELLIGENT REVIEWER!  We live for what you say, it's the temperature of our work, so please take the time to review.

Lastly I address no sales. Ask yourself if your blurb is interesting.  Make sure you have made enough noise to let everyone know its available.  Shout it from the rooftops of Facebook, Twitter, do interviews on blogs, etc. Sometimes it's a matter of the cover not grabbing someone and shaking them into reading.  I'd try that first.

A writer's work is never done, if someone told you this was easy...it's not.  Sometimes people get a lucky break but for the majority of us, we have to work very hard to get very little.  If you are in this for the money, I wish you luck.  If you are in this because you have a desire to write and possibly share your books with others, then welcome to the club.

I'm finally ready to try my hand at a full length novel. I didn't quite make it as long as I wanted to but when a story is done, its done.  If you try to make it longer by filling it out with useless information it shows.  I have been told by people who have read it that there are some things I seem to have rushed.  Maybe I will do a second edition and fix that.  I also left the ending open for a part two if I felt the need.

This was originally titled Zylena's Element, no one seemed to like it so I changed it.  The original cover was one I  would have to buy and I ended up changing that as well.  Until published, I think many books continue to be a  work in progress and not just with the content.  I meant this story to be a YA but I was a little worried about the sexual references.  I haven't had anyone complain so it will stand as it is for now.

Zylena is reluctant to follow in the footsteps of her mother.  Her mother sees it as a duty she must perform and is resigned to the consequences.  Zylena wants more, and when she is given the chance to leave the village she decides to become an element mate.  Her power manifests itself in a big way on the journey to the big city since she is now partnered with her element mate.  It is frightening to both of them because it was used to protect them, a weapon, which had never before happened.  Upon arriving in Tivolty she is immediately put into the care of the ruler's personal assassin. The smaller villages were capturing element users and enslaving them, and someone with Zylena's power would be in great demand.  The villages war on the city as others found out they could be used as weapons.

The assassin, Zylena, and her element mate form a love triangle that has many twists and turns, as does many other threads in this story. There is a lot going on and quite a few minor characters that I hope  Its also left open at the end for expansion.

This was my second attempt at publishing.  I took three short stories and melded them into one book.  I was still unsure I had the 'right stuff' to write an entire novel.  I had uploaded these stories to a website previously as individual stories and I received  positive feedback. 
All three stories went thru many edits and name changes as did the cover for the Amazon release.  I was learning as I went along.  I was more than disappointed when this didn't do as well.  I may go back at some point and enlarge on the stories and release them individually.

Time on My Hands is a story of time travel but it's not futuristic or edgy.  It's a rather simple story of a girl and her grandfather who go to live in the past.  They do have to return to the present time occasionally to  take care of things but the real story happens in the past, until tragedy strikes.

Beyond Belief is a story of a girl who was committed to an asylum by an evil doctor who uses his patients for ritualistic sacrifices and other equally unspeakable situations.   The girl, not knowing how to end the torment, resigns herself to it.  This is one I would especially like to revisit and expand.

Hadley's is really a homage to my Mother.  Hadley's is a real place she used to go to as a girl in the town she grew up in.  It was still a favorite place to gather when I was a girl visiting my cousins.  It did in fact burn down recently which prompted me to write the story.  If those walls could talk!  The girl in this story meets a a very pleasant man in the rubble of the building.  They have coffee and she feels a connection with him.  When she talks to her mother, she finds out the shocking truth of who he is.

I hope you take a chance and read these stories as they are but if you are intrigued, then hang in there!  I will revisit them and expand the stories at some point.

I thought I would take some time with each of my books and talk about them a little.
The Abduction Trilogy was the first book I ever published about a year ago.  The stories in the book were written well over two years ago.  I posted them in various places and I tweaked and edited them by the comments I received.   I never dreamed of publishing them.
I started getting really good feedback about the stories.  I had one of the stories on a free download site and the activity on it was amazing to me.  It finally hit me, I should publish it. 
I think what touches readers most in these books is not the sexuality but the sensuality.  I'll be honest I have not read Shades of Gray but from what I have heard it focuses on a harsher side of BSDM.  There is a fraction of people who are titillated by that.  I think the larger population of readers are more drawn to a sensual, loving, safe type of BSDM.  The women in my stories are frightened and hesitant but through the gentle manipulations of their abductor, their bodies override their minds and allow them to give in fully to the pleasure they receive.  The reader is able to be there with these women and know the ecstasy of the transfer of power to their abductor and bliss that follows.  The hint of danger is the added spice that makes this different than a typical love story.
Still my best seller today, I hope you give it a read!

I have decided to revamp this website and focus on my books.  What you will find here are my books and links.  Some of the links will take you to websites I have partnered with other authors.  Kindle Krazy is a FaceBook page I'm pretty proud of.  I hope to have some good conversations there and introduce readers to some of the best Independent Authors on the market.

I hope to keep this interesting with contests and prizes, STAY TUNED!  :)