This was my second attempt at publishing.  I took three short stories and melded them into one book.  I was still unsure I had the 'right stuff' to write an entire novel.  I had uploaded these stories to a website previously as individual stories and I received  positive feedback. 
All three stories went thru many edits and name changes as did the cover for the Amazon release.  I was learning as I went along.  I was more than disappointed when this didn't do as well.  I may go back at some point and enlarge on the stories and release them individually.

Time on My Hands is a story of time travel but it's not futuristic or edgy.  It's a rather simple story of a girl and her grandfather who go to live in the past.  They do have to return to the present time occasionally to  take care of things but the real story happens in the past, until tragedy strikes.

Beyond Belief is a story of a girl who was committed to an asylum by an evil doctor who uses his patients for ritualistic sacrifices and other equally unspeakable situations.   The girl, not knowing how to end the torment, resigns herself to it.  This is one I would especially like to revisit and expand.

Hadley's is really a homage to my Mother.  Hadley's is a real place she used to go to as a girl in the town she grew up in.  It was still a favorite place to gather when I was a girl visiting my cousins.  It did in fact burn down recently which prompted me to write the story.  If those walls could talk!  The girl in this story meets a a very pleasant man in the rubble of the building.  They have coffee and she feels a connection with him.  When she talks to her mother, she finds out the shocking truth of who he is.

I hope you take a chance and read these stories as they are but if you are intrigued, then hang in there!  I will revisit them and expand the stories at some point.

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