I thought I would take some time with each of my books and talk about them a little.
The Abduction Trilogy was the first book I ever published about a year ago.  The stories in the book were written well over two years ago.  I posted them in various places and I tweaked and edited them by the comments I received.   I never dreamed of publishing them.
I started getting really good feedback about the stories.  I had one of the stories on a free download site and the activity on it was amazing to me.  It finally hit me, I should publish it. 
I think what touches readers most in these books is not the sexuality but the sensuality.  I'll be honest I have not read Shades of Gray but from what I have heard it focuses on a harsher side of BSDM.  There is a fraction of people who are titillated by that.  I think the larger population of readers are more drawn to a sensual, loving, safe type of BSDM.  The women in my stories are frightened and hesitant but through the gentle manipulations of their abductor, their bodies override their minds and allow them to give in fully to the pleasure they receive.  The reader is able to be there with these women and know the ecstasy of the transfer of power to their abductor and bliss that follows.  The hint of danger is the added spice that makes this different than a typical love story.
Still my best seller today, I hope you give it a read!

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