I'm finally ready to try my hand at a full length novel. I didn't quite make it as long as I wanted to but when a story is done, its done.  If you try to make it longer by filling it out with useless information it shows.  I have been told by people who have read it that there are some things I seem to have rushed.  Maybe I will do a second edition and fix that.  I also left the ending open for a part two if I felt the need.

This was originally titled Zylena's Element, no one seemed to like it so I changed it.  The original cover was one I  would have to buy and I ended up changing that as well.  Until published, I think many books continue to be a  work in progress and not just with the content.  I meant this story to be a YA but I was a little worried about the sexual references.  I haven't had anyone complain so it will stand as it is for now.

Zylena is reluctant to follow in the footsteps of her mother.  Her mother sees it as a duty she must perform and is resigned to the consequences.  Zylena wants more, and when she is given the chance to leave the village she decides to become an element mate.  Her power manifests itself in a big way on the journey to the big city since she is now partnered with her element mate.  It is frightening to both of them because it was used to protect them, a weapon, which had never before happened.  Upon arriving in Tivolty she is immediately put into the care of the ruler's personal assassin. The smaller villages were capturing element users and enslaving them, and someone with Zylena's power would be in great demand.  The villages war on the city as others found out they could be used as weapons.

The assassin, Zylena, and her element mate form a love triangle that has many twists and turns, as does many other threads in this story. There is a lot going on and quite a few minor characters that I hope  Its also left open at the end for expansion.

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