I'm going to try something new here.  I'm going to start a section of short stories.   I will post some of my own, but I would also like to add stories from others.  If you contact me with a submission, I will gladly post it.  No prizes, just exposure.

Your name and the story title will be the post title.  I would like them to stay close to 2000 words but its not a strict rule, I hate those.  The point is not to send in a novel, I'm pretty sure there is a limit to how many characters can be posted in one post. 

If you want to post an excerpt and give the URL to where it can be bought, that's okay, too.

I will be starting this off with one of my own, please feel free contact me with your gems.


09/15/2012 7:47pm

Hi Yezall, I just submitted the vampire story: Surreal Sunrise. I hope you think it is good enough. It was written for the Jack Rabbit Homestead celebration they held in Wonder Valley.


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