The sun's lazy rays lit up the darkened room as Joe Barron woke from his sleep. Joe, a brown haired airman from Manchester in England was the tail gunner on a  Lancaster during a bombing raid over Germany in 1943. “Where are am I?” he asked. Looking around, all he saw were men on beds. Mostly covered in bandages or being nursed back to health from various injuries. Trying to sit, he found that his lower body strength had gone and all he could manage was to pull himself up to the pillows, “Nurse!” he called out in despair.

            Nurse Amelia Cotton answered his plea. Amelia was one of those girls who seemed destined for nursing at an early age; imbued with endless patience and kindness for all her wards, she was loved and respected by all.

            Amelia walked across the darkened ward to her newly awakened patient “Morning, Joe how are you feeling?”

            Looking around, Joe said “Confused. Where am I? And what happened? The last thing I recall, I was firing at the enemy planes then there was a flash and flames then I woke here.”

            “Facts are few, Joe. We haven't had any accounts of enemy aircraft shot down but with so much going on it will take time. Take you time and see if you can recall what happened?”

            Amelia helped Joe rise to a semi-sitting position and pumped his pillows as he sat back, still confused and not totally aware of his surroundings he tried to recall events of the flight. Amelia pulled the old chair up next to his bed as Joe though about the night raid.

            “We'd just turned after our bombing run and were climbing to give some cover to the planes behind us when I saw it. We were on the return flight, flying at about 20,000 feet which was close to the ceiling for the the plane when came under attack from a Ju 88a dive bomber. It all happened so fast, we never had to think it was just reactions. All I heard was the skipper shouting, 'Keep 'em' open lads! We're gonna have a rough time now.' Then everybody opened up on the planes, guns going off, cases flying all over. As I was aiming at one of the planes...” Joe paused to think of what happened.

            Amelia rose and ended his sentence “The plane vanished and was replaced by a bright light hovering in the sky.”

            “How did you know?”

            “I have been here for four years and heard the story many times.” Amelia replied.

            “Nurse, can I have a cup of Rosie Lea, please? I've been out so long, I'm right parched.”

            “Certainly Joe, I won't be long. I just have to warm the pot for your tea. You can call me, Amelia.”

            “Thanks, Amelia. How long have I been here?”

            “I'll let the doctor explain that for you, Joe.”

            “Explain what? This IS 1943 isn't it!”

            Joe closed his eyes as he tried to think of the recent past as he did he fell asleep. In the back ground he could hear a strange whirring noise. Living near the station, he recognized the sounds of aircraft engines building speed up but this was a higher pitch than that. Straining to hear and trying to remember the type of engines he was would recognize, he heard a voice from another bed.

            The man turned to Joe and said, “You won't recognize it lad! I tried for months, never heard anything like it before and I'm on my second tour with the USAAF. I've been all over from the UK to Germany, Japan to the Aleutian islands and never heard it.”

            “How can you have been to Germany and Japan. There are no allied bases there! We're at war with 'em.'”

            “Joe isn't it. You have a lot to learn about this place. My name is Jack Merris and I was in the USAAF during the late 1980's.”

            “I have heard that you Yanks had a good imagination but that it stupid.”

            “You may think so now but in a week or two, you will not be so sure of yourself.”

            Joe's curiosity was now running wild “What do you mean, Jack?”


            Jack paused, this was Joe's moment to hear the unusual. How to put it? Would he understand the idea? “Okay, there is no easy way, Joe. I'll tell you it straight.”

            “Tell me what,Jack?”

            “The next time the nurse does the rounds, you watch her closely.”

            “What do you mean?”

            Jack went on “I could explain but you wouldn't believe me-hell I didn't at first-it's better that you see and hear for yourself, Joe.”

            That night as the door to the ward opened and Amelia started her rounds, Joe caught his first sight of the puzzle. Watching the other men in the ward, Joe could see that there were many nationals from all over the world and all spoke to the nurse with no problem.

            “Odd but not too strange.” Joe thought until he looked closer.

            Not only were they different nationalities but their uniforms were strange too, there were new uniforms that he had never seen. Made from fibers that could hold the creases and only needed a quick shake to go back to form.

            Keeping a close eye on her, Joe saw that as she moved across the floor, where she passed there was a strange greenish glow. Looking at the glow, Joe was suddenly hit by a bolt of light that left him stunned. Blinking quickly, he tried to focus but found that his eyes had lost the ability.

            “Nurse!” he called out in panic.

            “Joe, you really shouldn't have looked at that. You'll be okay in a while.”

            “What was that strange light I saw as you crossed the floor?”

              Amelia paused trying to think how to explain the inexplicable to an airman of 1943. “You are not going to believe me but that was time passing across the ships bow. As a ship creates a bow wave on the seas, we created this in time and space.”

            “You've got that right, I've read H.G.Wells but that was fiction. Good as it was, it will never happen.”

            “That's what I thought.” Jack added, “In my time, men had stood on the moon but time travel was still for the future.”

            Joe was getting more confused by the minute “You talk as if this is the future to me, yet the past to you.”

            Amelia replied “In here time has no sense-we are out of sync with it-we are in all time zones, yet not in any.”

            “Amelia, if you are a nurse. How do you know all that?” Joe asked.

            “Here comes the punch line.” Jack thought.

            “To you, I appear as a WW2 nurse, so that you were not startled. To the others I appear in a form that they chose to accept.”

            “So what is your true form?”

            “Form? I have none. I am all things to all men yet nothing at all.” Amelia replied. “As you have seen the lights, you can look out of the windows now, Joe.”

            Turning, Amelia opened a small oblong box-like object on the side of the wall. The covers slowly drew back with a slow hissing sound and Joe raised himself in the bed to look out. In the background all he could see was an array of stars whooshing by.

            “What the hell!” he exclaimed in shock.

            “What you see flying out there is what your scientists call the Milky Way,” the voice of a man replied. “your peoples are still trying to explore our worlds, that is why we came to yours. To see what you are like. We have noticed your aggressiveness to each other, yet at other times there can be great kindness too. The most frightening thing is that so few people believe we exist out here. Which is the reason for seizing you.”

            “Sorry guv, you lost me back there.”

            “To us, people are like radio receivers and certain people are tuned into our wavelength, that is why they see and perceive elemental messages.”

            “So you mean, those cranks are really picking messages up after all!”

            “Exactly, Joe. We had to make it look that way to protect our homes. But now...” the man's voice tailed off.

            “I didn't like that ending, Doc.”

            “We have to explore new worlds as ours is devastated by winds and earthquakes that get stronger every day and you are the vanguard of the next generation.”

            Just as Joe was going to reply, there was a bright flash and he was thrown back against the bed.

            “Lord above, Joe. Do that again and I'll kill ya, never mind the bloomin' Gerry planes.”

            Getting groggily to his feet, Joe looked around at the surroundings. He was in a hospital ward but this time there was no strange lights just boarded windows. “What happened to me?”

            Phil Kerry said “We were flying through the flack a couple of nights ago and you got raked with .50 shells from the Ju 88a we had on our tail. The engines caught fire and we went into a dive, with the plane on fire and your chute in the fuselage, you decided to jump out and take the chances of surviving rather than getting burned alive.”

            “I can remember that part, Phil. What about the flash and the lights in space and the weeks I've been away. I was seized and taken by an alien craft, you know.”

            “I told ya before, mate. Reading those novels will make you queer in 't' head.” Phil said shaking his head, “You bailed out over Germany and the next thing we heard was a message from the underground saying a strange airman claiming to have been aboard a flying ship was in their hands. We arranged to pick you up and you've been here in and out of your sleep for the last three days.”


            After a few weeks recovering Joe was allowed back to base. The first thing he did was go to the hangers to check the planes but when he got to within fifty feet of the Lancasters he froze and couldn't move.

            The Flight-Sargent told him to see the camp doctor. After making an appointment Joe went back to the canteen for a brew.

            Later that afternoon, he was leaving the surgery when the phone rang.

            “Doctor Norrie, how can I help?”

            All Joe could hear was the Doctor, it didn't take a genius to put question to the answers.

            “The freezing up is natural after such a shock, sir.”

            “Physically, even after the fall he is still 100% fit.”

            “Mentally, I would say about 85%”

            A pause, then the doctor said something that froze Joe's blood in his veins

            “There is one thing I can't explain. A strange green glow behind his eyes.”

            “No, sir. I haven't seen or heard of anything like it before.”

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Rivulets of steamy sweat cascade ever downward, pooling under arms, breasts, and small dimpled areas while, yet, a refreshing breeze caresses the fevered brow.

I’ve known this moment. I’ve lived this moment. I detest but welcomely embrace this moment!  

Over and Over, mankind just cannot, will not,  quell their lusts ~

Kingdom upon kingdom falls to the sword; rape upon rape, until the land runs red, and crisply burns black.

Technology touted as new, never knowing those strands lie deeply buried in the forever streams of time.

Slaughter, abuse, disdain for the innocence to be sullied, stripped, discarded.

Raise the exchange standard high, squeezing the life blood of the populace, the land, the life giving air; Cries for mercy ignored.

Man rejects teaching; intellect says his way is right; there is no God!   We are the gods of all we touch, see, smell, want, corrupt, slough.  

It is time!  All nature is in accord!  

The core is heated, melting  the shale away, soon to reach the crust; waters writhing, spewing upward reaching steam to collide with incoming missiles swiftly driving a collusion path to impact.

I was here for the flood and sank beneath the waves, my body twisted, torn, consumed; my spirit returning to God.  

I hungered for another chance, but at the scattering, I was trampled, flattened into the soil, my spirit again rising as the crowd is cleaved by the voice above.

I sat.  I looked. I learned.  I could try again... But not just yet.  

I waited.  I saw the glory.  I saw it despised, refused.  I wept.  How evil cloaks the eyes to love.

My last chance for entry; I take it.  I asked for the ending of time... Ha!  Such a brave but foolish wish to prove I have seen enough to hold onto the love.

I saw the fiery end when a tot of four and did not quake.  My path set before me obstacle laden, twisting my spirit to disbelief.  

Arguing...  Until my spirit understands the way home.  Failure is not an option!

It is time!  All nature in accord!  

Planets aligned; meteor trajectory insured.

The caps uncorked, raining bullets of fire.

The core is heated, melting away the shale, soon to reach the crust; waters writhing, spewing an upward reaching steam to collide with incoming missiles swiftly driving a collision path to impact.

God claps; reshaping starts anew.

It was one of those really hot days, when the air was so thick it was hard to breathe.  I lay in bed with a fan aimed at my face.  Every window and door was open, and I could see all the way to the front door.  There leaned with his back against the door jam, was Marco smoking a cigarette.  I hated it when he smoked; it made his mouth taste bad.  Sweat rolled down his tanned cheek from his hairline, dripping on the shirtless bronze chest of this Greek god of a figure.  When his hand came up to take the cigarette from his mouth, the muscles rippled in his bigger-than-my-head tattooed bicep.  His jeans hung slightly slanted at his hips; maybe it was the way he stood.  The jeans were so tight that you would be able to bounce a nickel off his ass, and he didn't have to be hard for you to know what else he was packin'.  No shoes, and I watched as his toes rolled a bottle cap on the concrete of the stairs, aimlessly.  He stared out into the bright sun, squinting a little, smoking.

Our life wasn't bad together, we didn't have a lot, but we had each other.  Marco did odd jobs, worked on people's cars, whatever he could find.  I did nails and hair for the neighborhood, I charged way less than the salons, it was enough to cover some supplies and still make a little money.   

 We would try to stay cool until the sun goes down.  Then after washing the soot of the city off of us, we would meet our friends in the street.  In the dark by the streetlight, we'd gather.  The boys would tell stories, real or imagined, as they kept an arm possessively around their girl.  Somehow, there was always money for beer, and the boys would get louder and more aggressive as the night wore on.  The fight was usually over something very stupid, and thankfully, it wasn't every time that someone was hurt.

It was when the night ended that I sometimes became afraid.  When Marco had too much to drink, he was mean.  He would imagine that I smiled at one of his friends, or whispered to them.  Those nights he would run his fingers into my hair and ball his fist.  He would lead me home by my hair, yanking his hand and swearing.  I had to be very careful to keep my eyes down when we were around the other boys.

On other nights, he couldn't keep his hands off me.  He would stop to kiss me several times on the way home and shove his big hands up my sides under my shirt.  I was embarrassed and saw people looking.  He told me that they were just jealous; I don't know maybe they were.  He was so drunk one night, and in a good mood, that he had sex with me on the stairs to our building.  He said nobody saw us.  He was quick that night so maybe he was right.

I have to be extra careful today and make sure he doesn't drink too much.  I need him to be in a good mood.  Not for the reason you think.  I have news for him.  He's going to be a father.

“I see you Alex.  Your body is solidifying! We’re in some sort of portal.  I know this is difficult for you to know, never mind, believe, but those were Saturn’s Enceladus forces that attacked us and when that front soldier hit you with his revolving weapon you were spun into his orbit.  I cannot hear you...But I can read your lips!  Slowly, slowly, please.  Your orbiting rate is more than twice here.  Now, tell me where your hiding place is located on that pigeon dung ball.”

This was a time of intense pressure for Chloe and for Alex.  Becoming parents was an unexpected gift, and it was putting a heavy burden both mentally and physically upon them. This was bound to crimp their fighting ways.  Being in the middle of a war that seemed interminable was not helping their determination especially since Alex and Chloe were Apollo mates so being alone was a wrenching experience.

   “I am hiding like a puling kitten because our babes are due in two days!  How by all the shades of Civet am I to face my phalanx when you get me back? You better get reading faster on how to pull me back into our realm!  Dear mighty Carnivore, woman!”

   “Stop! You’re hissing again because you’re in a corner - claws!  How do you think I feel? Aaaoooowww! The kits are moving as if they’re jockeying for space in a crowded room.  The only thing calming my stomach is this pipe combination you made for me.   Mayhap a sniff of the nip, I gave you would calm you down?  And, can you not see, I’m working as quickly as possible?!?  As you were being pulled out of our dimension, we lost three of our most valiant warriors.  Their daughters and son are now on the front lines taking their places; they’re not mewling about it, this is an element of our life - now soothe your spirit and tell me where you are, not how you feel.  We’ll deal with that part when you’re back.”

   As Chloe took a deep draw, waiting for Alex to tell her the specifics of his coordinates, she realized Alex was closer than either of them could imagine.  She did not need to locate his magnitude, she just needed to....


   “Sheathe those weapons my own sweet Kazza.  Ha!  I told you, I was working fast.  Now what do you say, smooth claws?”

   “Let me hold you.  Oh dear Mighty Carnivore, you feel glorious ...Umm ...Want to rumble?”

    “Claws!  All you toms think about is a roll in the …  ummmm... Whew, hold that thought.”

    Chloe was proud of how she was able to snap Alex back so quickly and was a little, no, a lot miffed, he did not seem to care how he got back, just wanted to get it on.  Heh, mayhap he should be gibbed.  That would slow him down and …

    “I’m sorry my Toitoi lady but you set my claws to flexing and my purrs to roars.  How did you get me back so soon?  I didn’t even tell you in what corner I was held up.  But, come here … I think so much better with your smoothness .. Umm ... Leaning against me ...Oh the kits moved!  Tell me, it’s not time!”

   “Alex … you are … you are.  Later.  You were glowering at me, telling me to hurry, but I knew I was not able.  The wording in our Kattrack is extremely strict.  That is why you were picked for me and me for you.  I know we fought against it, but it was the Mighty Carnivore that brought us together, not actually the Felidae.  They were only instruments.  Are you listening?  Stop with the nips!  Listen to me!”

   Alex stretched out and eyed her with his honey colored orbs.  He realized that she had a need to talk, even though he had already figured out what she had done; she was wearing their wedding headdress, sacred to their Clowder.  They were two parts of a whole, and while she was the green one at getting things accomplished, she also had the ability fiercely to fight for what she wanted and loved; he was endued with this incredible mate and claws, that’s just what he wanted to do.  Well, she’d soon have it told, and he’d get on with getting her purrs rumbling.

   “Go on then, my sweets … tell me.”

   “The Kattrack says we are One.  One!  So, all I needed to pull you back was to touch the … Apollo rings and snap - back you would be by my side!  Of course, that only works as long as The One, are truly One.  I was not sure - you don’t seem to think that ‘Kattrap’ as you name it but …”

    “How can you doubt my love for you?  With every nibble and purr I am telling you, my lady, my life, and soon to be mother of my kits, you are my green eyed tigress and my fellow warrior throughout this life and beyond.”

   True to Alex’s word, Chloe’s challenge was met, never to lose its brightness, her life being abundantly filled by laughing, love, and family. There would always be enemies in and out of the star ways to be faced but those they fought and vanquished as One.

Watching the ripples splaying into an unending circle, made by the landing of the Grebe, until the wavelet gently reaches the shore dying on the lush ground, already sopping up the blood of my mate and young, I pray for forgiveness.  The sunlight reflects the surrounding beauty of the wilderness.

We came stealthy in the night, carrying the babes, soothing, hushing, communicating the danger that pursued us.  These woods are our home given by the Great Spirit for our use, for our welfare, to live in harmony.  My family circle has spiraled, through many eons, to arrive upon this day of sorrow.

The great thunder of the massive birds that spit forth death found us as we flattened ourselves to near invisibility, forgetting these demons can see through the dark while gleefully meting out death.  My mate riddled with holes as she tried unsuccessfully to cover the babes beneath her. I, her mantle as the end of my blood slithers off my muzzle, pooling at the feet of the hunter.

“This is the last of the wolf pack men.  Good night’s killing.”

As my spirit rises, joining my ancestors, I call the Great Spirit to forgive our killers, allowing them to understand His love for all creatures.

            Since her lover died, Janine had moved to the coast for solitude and for the peaceful reminder of her man and his love of the tides.  Helmut had always been most at peace when he could hear the tides and see the waves.

            Three years ago, he was on a fishing trip when his foot got trapped in a loop of rope that sprang loose from the capstan. It had happened so quickly that she didn't have a chance to take in the horror. One minute they were happy, chatting about going back to his cabin, the next she was alone on the deck-with only his cap to remember him by.

            From that day on, it had turned her into nothing more than a shell of the lovely lady she was before. Her once luscious black hair was now straggly and unkempt. She had lost so much weight that her clothes hardly touched her body as she walked. Her frail body longed for the touch of his gnarled hands, a touch she would never feel again.

            That summer night was forever etched in her mind. What should have ended with a moonlight dance, happily splishy-splashing in the tide had ended with her crying by the dock as she fought the impulses to sail away and drown herself in the sad memory of a love left unfulfilled. They had made such great plans and now they were ashes.

            Walking back to her little shack by the beach; the gulls cawing in the air as the boats came into harbour. With tears in her eyes she climbed the small hill they had chosen for their house to stand on with its lovely views of the seas and harbour-it should have brought happiness but all it brought was pain.

            Opening the door, she caught the salty tang of the wind on her cheeks. “Strange?” she thought.

            Closing the door behind her, she went across the room and into the kitchen to put the kettle on for a cup of tea that she always took at midday, to warm herself up after the walk along the sea walls.

            The cold winds had blown the sands from the beach onto the shore and she was covered in sand, so she decided a shower was in order.

            Walking slowly with her head bowed Jannine turned the hot tap on and mixed in the cold to create the right steam to clean the salt and sand off. Being far away from people the shower had a window with a view of the cove below, nobody came this far off the tracks so privacy was not an issue to consider.

            As she looked out of the window, tears flowing for her loss. Jannine thought she saw a familiar figure cross the path below “ No, it can't be Helmut. I just wish he was here.”she thought.

            With the relaxing steam easing her tired limbs, she sat on the stool they had kept in the shower for their games of love. The firmness of the wood on her bottom reminded her of the reality of her loss-on the stool, they had carved their initials to show their devotion to each other.

            Wiping the steam off the window, Jannine got a shock. The stranger was outside and as she looked at him he stared back through the steamy glass.

            Quickly grabbing a towel to cover herself she dashed to the door to see who it was-nobody was in sight-yet he had been there only seconds ago. The more she thought about it, the more weird it became.

            Going back inside, she noticed a familiar aroma-”Now I am creeping myself out!” she said under her breath “Helmut's gone and now I'm smelling his pipe tobacco.” Going back to the shower, Jannine thought she saw a figure in her shower “What the hell are you doing here-creep!” she yelled.

            The figure never moved but stood with its back to her. It then slowly dissolved into the steaminess as if it was never there at all. Still shaking, she sat on the stool before she collapsed with knowledge that somebody could be watching her.

            With the warm water running down her back and thighs, Jannine began her wash. All the time wondering who it was ? And why had it shown itself to her? As the steam cleansed her body and she relaxed, she began to feel totally at ease.  In her dream state she could feel his touch again and smell the salt on his body as he got off the boat after the fishing trips. Out of the corner of her eye she caught a glance of something merging with the steam and forming a body. Gently the figure merged with the steam and smoothed her body as she melted in into its warm and loving care.

            Not wanting to hear the answer she still needed to ask the question “Is it you love?”

            No reply came back, so Jannine turned to see what was there. All she saw was a steamy curtain with water running down it.

            Casting her mind back to the fateful day and the weeks after it, all she could recall was the line in the Gazzette. “Helmut Charbrier, skipper of  “The lost shores” was lost at sea today, presumed dead. No body has been recovered.”

            At the time, Jannine knew with rip-tides, and under-currents and rock ledges, his body may never be found. Had he come back to her?