The day becomes evening, and the challenge returns to write something new and different again, with all the things I've already written to stand the test along side of what I'm doing now. I've been writing a lot of the one thing I've known how to write for, as just about all my life. I've long since produced impromptu psychological case studies of myself, for the inspection of clinical psychologists or MD's, especially when I'm coming apart at the seems in the ER. It may not float anybody else's boat, but it gets me a lot farther than almost any other project I can think of.
I've had to produce such work repeatedly to psych triage's and with MD's, under duress.
The evening time is my time of crystal clarity, when my thoughts flow easily and with alacrity. With the evening getting on into medication time, my state of mind is still pinging off the caffeinated coffee I had this morning in psychotherapy, to make me alert for that discussion. This is one definitely poignant points of entry into a brand new, quite unique and original book project, hopefully, while I take a little bit of a writing break from collecting the blog entries which pertain to my mental health, for eventual publication in my new book.
I'm just beginning to rise to the challenge. It's going to take a lot of work.
My psychotherapist wants a psychological case study of my own publications, for the benefit of the psychological community and for publication as a patient's eye view of schizophrenia for the public benefit. Well, I'm collecting my own, pertinent blog posts, registered over the past year, because I happen to remember that my blog has been endowed with a significant collection of diverse entries regarding my psychological history and personal revelations about my own, personal mental health. She wants a book. I've already got a book.
All I have to do is collect the chapters!
I'll simply collect as many statements as I've already published on my blog, and I'm going to be calling it A Psychological Case Study, by yours truly. It's a brainstorm, a stroke of mind over matter for me, to so easily come up with an entire book idea, out of the things I've already produced. I already have a year's collection of blog posts to refer to and copy as liberally as I please, and can make a single file of as many chapters as I can find that are pertinent to the project. Then I can edit the lot of them on my own, before I submit the document to my therapist for review.
It's like going for an advanced degree in psychology, by compiling a complete dissertation from my own, personal stories. I can simply let my therapist know that I've begun the book project, and that eventually I'd like her participation in the project, to help me get from point A to point B with the project she has suggested. I don't think I'll include this chapter in the book project, because it amounts to giving myself a pep talk about being diligent with another book, since someone else I know is spoiling for me to publish asap. It reminds me of the days I wrote Flower Child and Damn Yankee.
I have a bright and promising future as an Indie writer, and the subject of a psychological case study of myself is exactly what the doctor ordered. Most of the writing is already done, and I can search my files for more full length stories, if I find the collection of blog posts too brief to suffice. If I need the full length stories for filler to actually construct a book, I resort to considering the many of those that I already have in supply in major proliferation. Even at that, most of the writing is already done. It will just be a matter of cutting and pasting, and a little, further organization to make the chapters as coherent as is humanly possible.
My psychotherapist likes the idea and so do I. It fits right into just exactly what I've been working on all day and all evening long for better than a year now. It's my greatest reason for all the writing I've been doing with such diligence. I've been around long enough to know that if you want to do just about anything, and do it well, you have to practice that very thing, day in and day out, like I've been doing with my writing for quite some time now. Organizing another book is right up my alley. I'm really pumped about this. It's a brainstorm.


01/05/2013 7:10am

Excellent project for you and your writings, but I have a suspicious mind. Somehow I can see said therapist doing an entire book with your writings. Honest, George, as far as I know I have no mental problems other than a strong aversion to cold, but I have no faith in human nature.

Bobbye Booth
05/30/2013 2:31pm

Enjoyed your story


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