Part 6



Lanie wandered away from the desk and leaned against a near wall.  She didn't know if she was more upset because she may be stuck rooming with a guy or that the woman had laughed when Lanie said she would be a captain.  Dragging her way back to her room, she found it empty.  Hopefully he had realized his mistake and left.

Her things had been delivered, and she went about unpacking.  Humming to herself and daydreaming about having her own star ship, she was settled quickly and was nearly done when the door to the room opened.  A blond-haired man with a light brown beard and mustache, walked in.

"Hey!"  The man said, and threw himself across the bed opposite Lanie.

Assuming this was the mystery man, since she hadn't seen his face, Lanie said, "Are you sure you have the right room?"

"Yup.  Been here a year already.  You just startin'?"

She sighed, "Yes."  She looked away and moved a few of her belongings on the desk.

"Whadaya studin'?  Medicine, or Tactical?"

"I'm going to be a captain."

"What's your name?"


"Ahhh  Captain Lanie, the Ice Queen.  How'd I get so lucky?"

Lanie spun around to look at him, her fists clenched.

"Your reputation precedes you.  You know there has never been a female captain, right?"

"Then I will be the first."  She said with venom.

"No, no you won't, you know why?  I'll tell you, because women are too emotional...but wait...I'm talking to the Ice Queen, maybe you will make it."  With that, he turned away from her and put a pillow over his head.

Lanie rolled her eyes and picked up a tablet from the desk, and then she threw it at the wall.  Grabbing her purse, she quickly left the room.

Once in the empty hallway Lanie quietly cursed her luck.  "Damn."  Irritated that her high school nickname had followed her here, she thought of Cody, she was hardly an Ice Queen any more.  Realizing that she promised to call him, she went in search of a video phone.

Lanie was directed to a room with small-enclosed booths in which video phones had been installed, giving complete privacy.  Finding one unoccupied, she quickly entered and punched in Cody's number.  She sat down, excited to tell him all that had happened to her so far, as she listened to the phone ring.  It continued to ring and soon an electronic voice asked if she wanted to leave a voice message.  Disappointed, she ended the call.  He knew I was going to call, where was he?

Lanie familiarized herself with the campus, checking room numbers where her classes would be.  Running into a few other people, she asked what all of the other buildings under the dome were for.  She learned they were used for a variety of things from housing the professors and other workers on the base, to training the students.  Some contained hologram representations of star ships to maneuver, while others were weapon ranges.  Lanie was excited to get started. 

Regretting that soon she would have to return to her room, she stopped in the cafeteria.  She picked out a salad and some fruit and sat down at one of the empty tables.  Picking at the salad, she thought of Cody, maybe she should try to call him again.  Her thoughts were interrupted by her roommate who yanked out a chair next to her and sat down.

"Hey Captain Lanie!"  He said loudly.

Lanie looked up to see several people looking at her in confusion.  "You're an ass, ya know it?"

He smiled, "What?  You said yourself you were gonna be a captain!  Might as well get used to to callin' you that?"

"Not that I really give a shit, but what's your name?" 


"Perfect.  Listen JackASS, we have to room together, but we don't have to be friends.  I suggest you move along."

"Oooooo Beware of the ICE!"  He rose from the table and disappeared through the doorway.

Lanie fumed and stabbed away at her salad with her fork, never bringing a bite to her mouth.


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