I have always run from situations my entire life. For various reasons, I have never allowed very many people to get too close to me. One person that has managed to sneak through my walls was Tammy. Tammy and I have been close friends for 10 years and we agreed to meet for dinner to celebrate our anniversary. I check my watch, she is 15 minutes late, and I am growing nervous.

As I start on my second margarita, I notice him sitting at a table across the room. He has dark, thick hair hanging down past his collar and a very neatly trimmed goatee. His face is strong, chiseled, and brooding. I find myself trying to determine just how tall he is when I realize that I am staring rudely. He sits at his table and very seductively runs his finger around the rim of his glass. Losing myself in a daydream, I imagine what it would be like to have that very finger teasing my nipples. Suddenly, he raises his head and I am staring into a pair of the darkest, sexiest eyes that I have ever seen. He holds my gaze in his and slowly begins to smile at me as if he is reading my mind. The heat in my face becomes unbearable and I look down at my hands to break eye contact. I look at my watch again and realize Tammy is an hour late.

Assuming she isn't going to show, I grab my purse and attempt to stand to leave when I feel a presence physically near. When I refuse to look up, he takes that same finger and puts it under my chin, raising my face to his. His eyes lock onto mine and I can't look away. He has me mesmerized and I feel helpless. Feeling his finger trailing down my neck to my collar bone, my body starts shivering. He bends down and whispers in my ear "Tammy isn't coming." Shocked at what I just heard, I stare into his eyes as he breathes in my ear and on my neck making me lose all control. Even though I find myself allowing him to take my hand and lead me out the door, I keep wondering how he knows Tammy!! As I argue with myself, I can't believe I am letting him do this. He gives me that look and I can't deny him anything. There is a sleek black limo idling in the parking lot and we approach it. He opens the door and ushers me into the back whispering instructions to the driver. When he slides in next to me, I know I shouldn't stay in the car but I can't bring myself to leave. Finally, I ask him how he knows Tammy.

As he removes my jacket slowly, he tells me that he has known Tammy for a very long time and that he owed her a favor. She had asked him to meet me for dinner as her gift to me for our 10 year friendship. The removal of my jacket leaves me feeling vulnerable as he runs his fingers slowly up and down my arms. I am astounded that I am allowing all of this to happen but I realize he has a compelling power over me. He continues to lightly stroke my arms in a very slow and methodical rhythm. As he keeps nuzzling my neck, I find that I am having difficulty breathing and my body temperature is steadily climbing. Unable to think clearly, let alone carry on a conversation, I ask him "Why?" He stares into my eyes smiling and responds "Because I can!" Moving his face from my neck and lightly teasing my lips with his tongue, he strokes back and forth, demanding that I open for him. He slips his tongue past my lips and presses hard against mine. Our tongues continue to dance as our breathing becomes faster. A moan slips from my lips and I hear a low growl from him. He breaks the kiss and draws his lips down my neck and onto my arms as his finger slightly grazes my breasts. I feel the heat between my legs and know that I am losing control of every ounce of common sense that I have. I pull away and look into his dark, brooding eyes and ask him what he wants of me. As he continues to tease my skin with his fingers, he says "I watched you as you waited for Tammy and came to the conclusion that I had to have you.

Touching you now, I love how your skin is as soft as silk, your lips plump and begging to be kissed. Your body calls to me as my fingers caress every inch of you. You will be mine.....YOU ARE MINE! I will take all of you before this night is over and you will not say NO." With that, he begins to unzip my dress as he kisses and licks my neck. I thread my fingers through his hair and pull him closer without any thought of refusing him. All thoughts of self-preservation are dismissed in my head and I pull myself closer against his body, demanding more from his mouth and hands. I frantically begin to unbutton his shirt to get to his chest as he cups my breasts in his hands thumbing my nipples into peaks. Before I know what is happening, my dress is gone and he has removed my bra and panties. I rip his shirt off his shoulders and gaze at the most perfect male chest that I have ever seen. I run my fingers down his chest playing with his nipples and onto his abdomen. He just continues to keep my eyes locked into his as I reach the belt in his slacks. He smiles and says "Go ahead, Baby.....free what is yours." Making quick work of the buckle, I unzip his slacks, reach in and take hold of his thick, twitching cock. He briefly closes his eyes and then removes the rest of his clothing. My heart is racing and the aroma of my desire is strong in the back of the limo. Placing his hands on my thighs, he spreads my legs wide enough to fit comfortably between them. "You are amazingly sexy and hot. I am going to taste what you are offering to me before I fuck you right here and now."

Finding that I am becoming embarrassed when he gazes at my pussy, I close my eyes to hide. His voice is commanding as he says "NO!!! Open your eyes and your body to me. This is the part of you I want to drink in." He kisses each thigh as he slowly, so very slowly, kisses his way up to the heart of my pussy. He takes a deep breath and his eyes become darker as if they can see straight into my soul. His tongue grazes over my slit and dips in straight into my core. "You are so damn wet for me. You must want me here and here and here" as he licks his way to my clit, "And oh Baby, especially here!" His tongue teases my clit without mercy and I grab his head, pulling him closer into me. I can't stop the continuous moan that keeps building from within me. His tongue never stops swirling, circling, and grinding into my clit and I don't want him to stop. I hear him growl and laugh as he slips two fingers into my pussy reaching the very spot he is after. "Mine, you are mine and I control your desire for me. Shall I make you cum? Would you like that?" I can't talk but only give out a very frustrated moan. He continues his assault with his tongue and I am building all over again. As I begin to buck against his face, my whole body shatters as I fall over the edge sending the most exquisite shock wave throughout my body.

He growls as I continue to come down to ground level and says "My turn, Baby. My turn to fuck what is mine." He flips me over the back of the seat and strokes his fingers in my pussy. "You are so hot, so wet and I am going to make you wetter." He takes his thick cock and places it at my entrance just deep enough to make me aware he is inside. He doesn't move but bends over my back to whisper in my ear "Say it. What do you want?" "I want you inside of me" I cry out. "No, Baby, that's not how you tell me. You tell me what you want me to do." I moan and try to back into him to press him deeper but he holds me still beneath him. "Huh uh, Little One. You will tell me the words I want to hear from your lips." I finally realize what he wants and I beg him "Please, please fuck me now!" "Yes, Baby, because you asked so nicely, I will!" and he begins to thrust deep into my core as he grips my ass in his hands. Time begins to slow and all I am aware of is his thrusting and rocking into me. He tells me he wants me to cum with him but I don't think I have it left in me. He reaches one of his hands over my stomach and down to my clit, circling and teasing it. I begin to feel the pressure building again and I begin to fuck him back, moving with his rhythm. He growls in my ear breathing down my neck and we both crash over the edge of that abyss of pleasure. My scream is drowned out by his roar into the air. He wraps me tightly in his arms and rolls me over on top of him while staying inside of me. He continues to nuzzle my neck and rubs my body until I fall asleep in his arms.

When I wake, I find that I am wrapped up tight in a soft velvety blanket. He is sitting next to me, watching me closely and completely dressed in his clothes. The limo stops in front of a massive stone three story house surrounded by luscious gardens and statues of various wolves in different poses. I ask him where we are and he stares into my eyes and says "We are home, my love." Puzzled, I turn and look to the huge stone porch and at the top of the stairs I see Tammy smiling and waving to me. And just as suddenly, he is helping me from the car as I take his hand that he offers. Once again I turn to the porch to look for Tammy and watch as she turns and literally disappears. I look to him for answers and he growls "MINE!"


Jodie Horton
03/06/2013 3:44am

Fantastic Pammie......More please xxx

Pammie Cakes
03/11/2013 10:33am

Thank you Jodie....I will write more!!

03/07/2013 2:01pm

Intrigued. I likey. :)

Pammie Cakes
03/11/2013 10:40am

Thank you, Melissa. I appreciate you!!

03/10/2013 7:38pm

Oh nice! So much potential here, I'd love to read more, find out more about these two and what happens when they go inside. However, the sense of anonymity makes it that much hotter. Hope you're considering submitting this somewhere, because it could definitely become quite popular.

Pammie Cakes
03/11/2013 10:46am

Thank you for liking my characters. This story is special to me and I loved writing about them. I had several requests for me to continue their story and so I wrote more and actually gave them an ending. I am going to try to publish it and hopefully someone will pick it up. Again thank you for your kind words.

03/11/2013 12:14am

This is a nice short story. Lots of good descriptions and nice flowing dialogue. Keep up the good work, you definitely have potential.

Pammie Cakes
03/11/2013 10:35am

Thank you so much, Kim. I appreciate your encouragement.

03/11/2013 5:44pm

Excellent piece, intriguing, compelling and hot.
But if I could make a few suggestions...work on your tense as you jump from present to past and back to present a few times. Nothing major and it does take time to learn.
Character dialogue needs to be seperate not mixed up in one paragraph.
All in all, I would love to read more about this very interesting trio.
Well done!
*bites n kisses*


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