Killer's hill

The local children call it “Killer’s hill” for a romantic story of a squire’s daughter who went out for a ride on her horse.  The horse saw a lightning bolt and reared up, killing her when she fell.

However, to older people, there is a far more sinister tale to the name.

No matter what they call it, no matter how prettily it gets painted.  The big house at the top of the hill, served one purpose and one purpose only.  It was out of the way; hidden by the woods, where better for a sanatorium to be placed.  There were always tales, how on dark and stormy nights, you could see mysterious shapes moving around in the lightning flashes.

Although long since closed down, the halls still rang to the sounds of thunder.  People thought you could hear the cries of the lost souls that never got out.  It was on one such stormy night that some teenagers thought that they would see IF the stories were true.

As they walked up the hill, rain lashing around them, the lightning was flashing through the trees.  It was easy to see how it could spook a horse, the wind and rain turning what was a lovely wooded area into an area of tension and all kinds of possibilities Rain had turned the sweet smelling leaves and bark on the ground, into a clinging quagmire, shoes covered in mud held the group back as they walked.

Drenched through to the bone marrow Davie Moore was having second thoughts, “I'm not sure, this is a good idea, Johnny.”

Johnny Carpenter the leader of the group was a tall young man of 22, brown hair and good looks to match.  “Don’t worry Davie, there is nothing up there.  The place has been closed for years.”

“You've heard the tales, Johnny.”

“Just fairytales to keep the kids out.  Nothing more than thunder and lightning and people's imagination.”

Denise Stour the only girl in the group was not so sure though, “Are you s-s-sure about that, I've lived here for years and have seen some weird things?”

“Den.  Just tales and imagination, we are going to quell the rumours now.  We'll go in and let folks see there is nothing here to fear.”

Pat Carter, Davie's long time friend said, “If you are so sure, why don't you go in first!”

“I'm the leader and want to know you are safe in, before I go in, Pat.”

“Perhaps, you just want to be first out.  If something goes wrong.”  Denise was saying what the others thought.

“Have I let you down before, Den?”

Thinking of the past Davie said, “No, that's true but we've never done something like this before.”

Slowly the group walked to the front door, it had been so many years since it had been used, they hardly touched it before it opened with a long groaning creak, almost as if saying, “Please leave me alone.” 

The blank white walls did nothing but emphasis the loneliness of the poor souls brought here.  Many left to die.  Alone, unwanted and unloved.

“Kind of creepy don’t you think Den?”  Johnny teased.

“I was thinking more how scared those poor people must have felt here, never knowing when or if they would get out.”

“Yes it's a horrid part of out town’s history, one most of us prefer not to mention.”  Davie remarked.

All this time Pat was like a rabbit watching for the fox, his eyes darting around, jumpy and twitching.

“Calm down, Pat.  You'll only make Den and Jamie nervous.”  Johnny tried to sound brave, as the leader should; inside he was beginning to question his decision.  Nevertheless, he couldn't show this.

“I can’t help it, I got the feeling something is watching us.”

“Believe me Pat, we're the only ones here now, this has been empty since the late 60's.”

“Why did they close it?”  Denise asked.

“The story was they were mistreating patients, one got loose with an electric cable one stormy night.  He tied them to the beds and electrocuted them.  Then in his rage locked himself away, he was never found.  When the tragedy became known, the council moved in and shut it down, windows barred, doors locked and bolted.’

“That's creepy Johnny.”  Davie said.

“Sure, but as I say it has been empty since.  Only stories remain to scare the little ones away now.”

“I know it’s just a story but I still think we are being watched!”  Pat commented

Davie stood in the hallway moving his torchlight along the walls, all he saw was the barren desolation of hopelessness and despair.  The blank walls staring back at him just heightened the tensions.

“Can you shine the torch here please Davie?”  Denise asked.

“Certainly, Den.”

Davie turned to where Denise was pointing.  Shining the torch, he saw something moving on the edge of the beam, he couldn't' be sure but he thought he saw some eyes.  “Did you see what I saw?”

“Those eyes staring and cold, yes.”

Johnny decided to try to resume control of the situation.  “Before we start seeing things and go screaming off.  Remember this place is in woods and has been unused for goodness knows how long.  It's probably some harmless animal we startled.”  Even as he spoke, the tremble in his voice gave his thoughts away.  Leader or not, he was getting scared now, they could all see as he started to tremble.  “I think now would be a good time to leave.  We've disproved the myth.  “Johnny the ever brave leader, accepting that a gracious retreat can always be covered.

“I'm with you there, “Denise agreed.

As they turned back, walking along the second floor they heard a noise behind them.  Pat turned to see something moving.  It had no mass, just energy, so malevolent and evil the air crackled.  "RUN!”  Pat shouted, as he passed, first Denise, then Johnny and Davie as he sped along the corridor,

 As they turned to see what was going on, all the doors slammed shut and sparks shot from the old cables.  As they ran down the corridor, the door in front of Pat slammed shut.  He halted to see the others, all about ten feet apart, and a fire door partition closed behind each.  Closing each in their room.

This time Johnny’s leading from the back was to cost him, the force engulfed him totally.  Drawing his life force out, as it left his body, the dead shell of his body fell to the floor.

Although, they could see what was going on, nobody screamed, the being had so terrified them they were speechless.  It left Johnny dead on the floor, travelling through the cables and onto Davie.  Denise could see the life was draining from him, not a sound was uttered.

This was even worse for Denise, the entity passed to her compartment and she passed out.  Her dress sliding up as the entity bent to engulf her, showing her once white panties now stained yellow, where she wet herself with fear.

Watching from the furthest section, Pat had seen all this and could not bear it anymore; he screamed for all his worth, as he did the entity moved to the window and gave a big glow, as if to say, “I have you now!”  Then the entity turned and left.

Was it the scream that released the fear?  Or did the entity think Pat had seen so much, and that would haunt him all his days?

Pat sat in the corner, shaking and trembling for what seemed an eternity before he heard the click of the door opening, he ran for all he was worth into the woods.

And it was there three days later the police found me.  Jabbering on about some electric being that sucks life from people.  The only way I can relate to that day, is to talk about it in a distant 3rd person view.  My medication calms me but I haven't had a sleep since that day.

Soon they will take me back to my room in the hall, where I am the only resident.

                                                    OR  AM  I?


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