A realization hit Lanie, and she turned her back to him.  "W-What are you doing?"  She asked.  Never having been intimate with anyone, she feared he would rape her.  Receiving no answer, she began to imagine what would happen next.  To her amazement, she felt a stirring that excited her as much as it shamed her.

The lights in the room went out and the only light came from the window, where the universe cast a soft illumination into the room.  "My appearance troubles you.  I'm sorry."  He replied softly then paused and continued.  "I will mate with you..."

"No!"  Lanie shouted, interrupting him.  She knew that by the sound of his voice, his helmet had been removed.  Feeling intense fear of what she would see if she faced him, she stood still.

"I won't hurt you or alter your body in any way, but I will mate with you."

Knowing he could over power her and she had no place to run, she tried to reason with him, Lanie started to cry, "Please, don't!  I've never even been with anyone from my own species!"  She could tell he stood right behind her. 

He placed his hand on her shoulder.  "What do they call you?"  He asked. 

Lanie twitched at his touch, "Lanie."

"Lanie, I am called Azano.  I can't explain why I must do this...but it's important to my race."

"What could this have to do with your race, are they dying or something?"

"In a way, yes."

Lanie tried to come to grips with what was about to happen.  And it would happen, triggering quick incomplete thoughts to scurry across her consciousness.  Sex...With an Alien?  Blue babies?  "Well...Azano...I don't really have a choice; is that what you're saying?"  Her voice weak and shaking.  It was going to happen and she couldn't prevent it.  She only hoped she would survive it.

"Yes."  His hand slide down her arm and then back to her shoulder.  "I will try to make it as pleasurable as I can.  On my planet it is not an emotional process but a clinical one," He paused.  "But I have studied your ways and I think I can compare to any human male."

"Just one more question, was I chosen at random or do I have something special?"  Lanie asked.

"You are very special Lanie, but the reason you were chosen is because you always believed we existed.  You had a higher level of acceptance over anyone we came across."

Lanie sniffed her nose, "Well, let's save your world then, shall we?"  She spun around and faced him.  Staring straight ahead, she looked at his muscular blue chest and her eyes slowly moved upwards.  His helmet had indeed been removed.  She was relieved to find that although the configuration was slightly different, he looked like a human male, only bluer.  His cheekbones were higher; his eyes a little bigger and there didn't seem to be any white, just black pools that reflected her terrified expression.  His nose was smaller and slightly up-turned.  The dark hair on his head looked more like fur.  Justifying her actions as an ambassador, she was ready to bravely surrender her innocence in the interest of merging two worlds for the greater good.  She stood like a sacrificial lamb before him.

He lowered his head and brushed his lips against hers.  She quivered.  He smiled.  "I like this, it feels good."  Azano said.

Lanie looked at him wide-eyed, "You've never done this before?"  She asked.  Her resolve was softening for this visitor from another world.

"Not in this way.  The proper fluids are extracted and tested for genetics and then matched in a lab."

"Ohhhh, I've heard our way is way more fun."  She said smiling, oh dear god, was she flirting with him?

He kissed her again, and this time she kissed him back.  Azano had studied well; and led the way, as they lay entwined. 

Lanie had nothing to compare him to, but she was sure no human woman had ever been made love to in this way.  Everything he did seemed to have her pleasure in mind.  It came natural to her to respond and it was obvious he was pleased by her.  Her body quivered in his embrace as their lovemaking came to a peak; both of them voicing their pleasure with moans of satisfaction. 

As they lay catching their breath, he murmured in her ear, "If every human woman is as perfect as you, the Earth would be more over-populated than it already is..."

Lanie laughed softly, "If human men studied as hard as you seem to have, that would be true."

Azano's smile faded, he placed a hand over her face.  "I will miss you."


Chapter 2


"Lanie!"  Her mother called up the stairs.

Lanie sat up, startled.  "How'd I get here?" she asked aloud.  She jumped up, and rubbing her eyes, she went to the window.  No evidence of the night's events.  Confused, she stepped into the shower, and closing her eyes, she recalled the feel of his touch on her body.  It wasn't a dream...

Lanie was dressed and coming down the stairs when her mother asked, "Will you hurry, please?"

"Mom, was I asleep when you and Dad got home last night?"

"Yes, but I came in your room and gave you a kiss on the forehead."

Lanie gathered up her books and nibbled on a piece of toast as she followed her mother out to the car. 

Never speaking to anyone about what happened to her, she kept it to herself.  She spent some evenings looking up at the sky, but after a few months, even she was beginning to doubt if anything really happened that night.  Her body never changed in any way; he did promise that.

Lanie avoided the boys from high school, and their clumsy advances, preferring to be alone.  She earned the name 'Ice Queen', and the subject even came up that maybe she preferred women.  Shaking her head, she dismissed them for what she felt was a higher goal, the career she had planned.


10/07/2012 1:28pm

Finally, time to read this. Very good. She seems a bit mature compared to most of the teens that age I've seen here, but not all. The sex scene is well done.

Yezall Strongheart
10/07/2012 1:30pm

Thanks Mari! You will find she is a little different as the story goes on. This story is about the adventure not the sex. LOL

10/07/2012 1:37pm

Carrying a blue baby would be different. My aliens aren't that different on the outside. Two hearts inside, however, is different.

10/14/2012 4:02am

I like the story so far, can't wait to see what adventures Lanie gets into next.


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