Over the last week I have read many articles that have given Indie authors a good bashing by publishers.

How many articles have I read, or even heard of for that matter, that bash publishers by Indie authors?  None

They don't want the majority of us.  Ok great.  Then leave me alone to make my own way. 

The much overused complaint is that we don't edit properly.  If that's all you got publishers....  Granted there are those that throw up (pun intended) garbage on Amazon, or like sites, without a thought to editing.  As usual those are the few that spoil it for the many.  I'll be honest here, I was one of them.  My earlier books are probably riddled with mistakes.  In my defense, I was learning, as are most independent  writers.  The first book I self-published was Abduction Trilogy, it even has a bad review complaining about grammar, it remains to be my best seller so far.

Why so many attacks in your interviews, publishers?  Do you have any idea how ridiculous and desperate you sound?  Who are you trying to convince?  Look, it isn't like we didn't try.  I have submitted books, that I DID have edited, to several publishers and got a thanks but no thanks. I'm okay with that.  Now I just self publish. 

As I see it, we are not at odds with each other.  You have your job to do, I have mine.  It's a pretty tall order to become a writer, editor, and marketer, all over night!  Most of us make our own covers, and videos.  Pretty miraculous when you think about it.  You have many people working on specific parts of the process.  We have only ourselves, or if we're lucky, a friend or family member to help.

Just admit it publishers, we are doin' a hell of a job.  We don't need you.

8/11/2012 09:20:50

Good article, Yezall.

My former "EDITOR" sold me down the river, one book she was supposed to have edited for me came back the same as I sent it. Her lack of skills cost me the chance to get my book on line with a Vancouver magazine.

Ironically one of my best sellers "Holding Richmond" is NOT edited by anybody but me and has sold eight copies.

The last one my former EDITOR did "Ghosts of your past" has sold only two and they were to friends.

8/11/2012 09:45:49

Yes!! Preach on sister! I've read plenty this week as well and it's incredibly sad. While I haven't submitted to any publishers, I don't really want to either. With what I've seen and heard from them, why would I want to be represented by such close-minded individuals? Good job!

8/11/2012 09:47:56

Great article! The call out on trads with thou protest too much attitudes is clearly a truism as is the learning curve for Indie writers.

Thank God for the insatiable need to write, to learn, and to grow. Let us not grow stodgy and stale.

8/11/2012 09:56:55

You outlined the problem correctly. What you left out is the fact if you do not know anyone in the entertainment, publishing, or academic halls the publishers will not look at your work or if they do, they decide it is not worth the risk. Self publishing is all that is left. I've come so close so many times to the "trade" way, but it never happened.

8/11/2012 17:44:35

Self-pubs and trad pubs actually have the same overall goal: to get people who don't already read, to start reading. That increases the market for all of us because someone who buys one book and enjoys it will buy another one by someone else. So no, we are not really at odds. The sniping at self-pubs by trad pubs is just shortsightedness and territorialism. We really should work together, because writers and publishers are NOT ultimately in competition with each other. We are involved in a collaborative effort that is like no other effort in any other business industry.


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