I will only have time to do a weekly post from now on, sorry.  I have a new job which will take a lot of my time.  I will continue to write books.

I have added a new tab here called Free iTunes.  I thought it was a pretty good app. We all like free stuff. Check it out and see what you think.

I have decided to take myself less seriously, funny huh?  I love to write and that's why I do it.  If I make a few bucks, cool.  I will be doing more giveaways.  I realize what I really want is to be read.  When one of my books were purchased on Amazon I waited more for a review, good or bad, more than I waited for the money to be deposited! 

People are basically lazy.  They don't come back and do a review.  I understand that.  I didn't always do a review when I should have.  I usually have to be guilt-tripped into it.  Sad.  I will try to  change that, because I truly believe in karma.

I have some interviews lined up, which will be fellow authors, but I am also going to branch out and trying to get some other interesting people for you to read about.  It will be a surprise to both of us, but I suggest you stay tuned.  In the mean time, take that extra minute to comment or review.  If you are a writer, you know how much it means to the author.  It does have to me more than, "I really liked it."  Even that will be enough to sustain most writers.

One more thing before I go.  I have another website.  Just give it a quick look if you are in the market for a book cover.  The point is to keep the cost down.  So they aren;t expensive.

9/3/2012 00:22:17

I understand about the job. Take care. Keep writing!! Blessings & best of luck on your endeavors!

9/3/2012 00:36:59

You will be missed here but if life throws you a chance, you need to grab it, Yez. Keep up the writing if you get the chance :)

Yezall Strongheart
9/3/2012 00:40:49

I won't stop writing, it's like breathing. I have to do it. ;)


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