have viewed videos of others who have voice-overs, and I was very impressed at how professional they were.
It takes a lot of time and energy to make the trailers.  Why do we do it?

My answer is, because I enjoy it.  Searching for the pictures and music is the hard part.   I must admit it does get easier.  I know several very generous musicians that allow people to use their music in videos.  As long as you are diligent about giving them credit, most don't mind, some like to get an email of the link to the video.  Pictures seem a lot harder, but I have found a few sites for that as well. 

The next thing I will be looking into is free live action shorts to incorporate into my videos.  I

The programs I use to build the video are easy and quick.  The whole process is fun and the results look pretty good to me.

However, does it sell a book?  Is it useful as a hook that causes someone to look further into the book?   It's nice to see how many people have viewed one of my videos, but I'm not sure it translates to sales.  I would be interested in replies from anyone who could shed light on this issue from either the readers point of view or the writer who makes the videos.

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