lexicographer - compiler of a dictionary; CF. lexicography: work of compiling a dictionary

fulminate - thunder; explode; issue a severe denunciation

uproar - noisy confusion

categorical - without exceptions; made without any doubt in mind; unqualified; absolute

amiss - wrong; faulty; Ex. something amiss; ADV.

overweening - arrogant; presumptuous

contortions - twistings; distortions; V. contort: twist violently out of shape; CF. contortionist

rudimentary - elementary; not developed; crude; N. rudiment: fundamental element or principle; Ex. rudiments of the language

addle - make or become confused; muddle; drive crazy; become rotten (egg)

nonchalance - indifference; lack of concern; composure; ADJ. nonchalant: unconcerned; cool; indifferent; Ex. nonchalant attitude to his debts

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